Cenred is a musician/composer based in Melbourne Australia who produces and records original and unique musical works.

His music has received acclaim and international exposure, including airplay throughout Europe, featured in international musical trade magazines e.g. A & R International and exhibited at MIDEM (Cannes, France).

Cenred’s style, albeit unique, has a great deal of variety - from driving commercial vocal tracks, to sweeping ‘other worldly’ instrumentals – from classically inspired piano interludes, to influences of jazz - and from World Music to ‘New Age’. Yet so artfully are these varying styles intertwined, there can never be confusion or conflict of styles.

Cenred has produced four original albums. The latest, ‘Amplitude’, an instrumental work featuring an array of exotic instruments and techniques.

There are also traditional instruments at play, for example one can hear the interweaving and embellishment of some remarkable guitar work; or the sweeping progression of striking synth leads.

Throughout Cenred's work, lies provoking spiritual themes. From ancient myths, far memories and forgotten civilisations to commonalty in all major religions, from the concept of ‘I AM THAT’– to the fact that we are all one - and that essentially we are all Divine and Immortal.

In it’s concept and construct, Amplitude is specifically ambitious in these narrative threads. The album musically depicts the evolution and journey of the Human Soul. The finale, set in the future, culminates with an intergalactic journey to Canus Major B, where the space travellers from Terra Firma re-discover certain basic spiritual truths and inner realities.


Cenred is a meditation instructor and initiator - having spent many years under the instruction of, training and meditating with a number of spiritual / meditation masters.

He maintains that music is indeed a universal language - music can effect emotions, moods, memory. It is a fact that certain styles (and instruments) can lead to higher states of awareness.

In the future, Cenred will be producing music specifically designed to raise consciousness - in a very real and convincing way.

Fore more information on Cenred’s approach to spirituality please refer to the website for details.



The award winning album 'Amplitude' has been re-released as a beautiful double CD, completely remastered, with five new songs and deluxe packaging.

Nothing can beat having the actual physical album, complete with the award winning artwork and booklet explaining each piece.

Take the journey - to order direct please email

AMPLITUDE Is available:
a) directly from Elysium Records -
b) from this site via PayPal or
c) from iTunes at a discounted price i.e. for direct download only

We do recommend you purchase the double CD i.e. as opposed to downloading it. The reason for this is that AMPLITUDE is constructed as a complete 'whole' with a detailed explanatory booklet.

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Amplitude CD cover


ANR awardAMPLITUDE is a winner of the prestigious A & R International Excellence Award

Composition. Production. Design. Concept.



The below is in part taken from the premier U.S.A. music industry trade directory '"Music Registry', as well as other related PR articles.

Amplitude a double CD like no other…

'Journey Within - Journey Without '

Amplitude is a musical opus that effortlessly moves from classical through to rock & roll. Indeed its variety can be quite bewildering, yet it magically manages to interweave many styles and themes into one extraordinary coherent whole.

The journey the album takes you on is vast i.e.

From humanity's prehistory to the struggles and frustrations of today's world. From the traffic noise, bustle and stresses of our busiest cities to the far distant future. The melodies throughout are haunting and consistently quite beautiful. The rhythms are also unique and the audio effects alone could stand shoulder to shoulder against any top Hollywood sci fi film extravaganza.

For example CD 2 starts with the sound of a giant starship's massive engine as it descends into a strange alien world. This is a world where we have been 'called back to rediscover our true spiritual essence'. Turn the volume up, the lights down and you could just as well be traversing a foreign alien terrain. The various musical pieces take us through watery structures, temples of initiation - and rites and rituals. We are finally returned toTerra Firma, brimming with Self Realisation, God Awareness and Divine Bliss.

The final namesake piece 'Amplitude' builds from a bare whisper to a veritable storm (and some virtuoso guitar work), it is a spectacular piece of music.

Produced and recorded in 64-bit technology by Melbourne based meditation master Cenred (pronounced 'Chenred'), the album is beautifully presented and comes with an explanatory booklet. It is strongly advised that you read the booklet as you listen to the music.